o b j e c t s         p i c t u r e s       t e x t          c u r r e n t    

„These items are in use but are not being used up; use does not require them. Their durability bestows continuation and consistency onto the world, as a human creation that is indispensable for the settlement of the impermanent character of human beings on this planet. They are the actual human home of man (…). Therefore the worldly things are meant to steady human life, and their ‘objectivity’ does not provide a human equivalent to the raging change of natural life – in which, according to Heraclitus, the same man can never step into the same river – they cannot provide an identity resulting from the same chair and the same table facing the altering man with unchanged familiarity. “

Hannah Arendt from: Vita Activa


Event 2 2015, Material: Salze auf Leder, 24.5cm x 18cm x 8cm