o b j e c t s         p i c t u r e s         t e x t          c u r r e n t   



Petra Korteís salt objects are artistic contributions to an archaeology of the view, excavations of the visible world and its dream shape behind the automated habits, with which in everyday life we donít really see the things, at itís best we just remark their functionality.

The objects play with the diaphanousness, the charms of the envelope, with which the nature regains possession of the artifacts of the humans, of the traces of the human life. Like the thorn hedge from the fairy tale the salt grows on (too)familiar but also on strange objects, hides things, names, words and opens them at the same time for the view of the spectator. If the tender, fine-linked covering creates in the first view a distance for the everyday-life habits of regard, the immobilized objects, overgrown magically with crystals, bind the attentive eye and invite it, to re-establish the old, intimate confidence which marked the view at its origin.

By the patterns of the crystals the light falls with new multiple bends on the objects, which neither hides their use nor their dignity, a dignity which is always the dignity of humans, to which they refer.           .

Renzo Mauro