o b j e c t s         p i c t u r e s        t e x t          c u r r e n t    


Process development

My favorite is to go out for discovery for unusual as well as for daily things: on markets, in second-hand-shops and scrap yards. By travelling in international locations: by the sea or in the forest….. I must long for the things – they have to ‘speak’ to me.

From this experience my series are formed, like the variety of objects from a new aesthetical point of view, no matter if new, used, damaged or simply old.
I pull out the things from their own identity and make them freeze in a crystalline casing by a ‘domesticated acc

Like Arman, with old objects of the daily life and their passed time destiny a quasi metaphysic, poetic and aesthetic relationship.

Things like a phone-book or a shoe become symbols. – Just pulled out of from the present, they are mutated to relicts, as if they were from ancient times.

With this in mind art-objects are created in the studio by collecting and adapting. – The ‘object trouvé’ will be set through its shell in a ‘space of dream’.                

 Gala 2014,  Material: Salze und Pigmente auf Leder,  32cm x 17cm x 5cm